After a match that didn’t bring goals but signs of a change in tides for the two clubs. Daniel More reviews the match and what it means for both teams looking ahead.


After much buildup and anticipation the time to see Liverpool face Manchester United had finally arrived. This match was on my mind as soon as the final whistle blew at Swansea over two weeks ago and I was repetitively going over possible situations that could arise during this game that some consider the biggest rivalry in club football.
I had envisioned Coutinho scoring a screamer, Pogba finding his form, Milner slotting another Penalty and most importantly I was thinking about how important it is for Liverpool to win.


Jose Mourinho did not want to earn a win, knowing he couldn’t get three points without overexposing his side to defeat he chose to make the Reds job as hard as possible and grind out a draw. Klopp on the other hand always goes out and tries to win his games, his statistics show that he does often achieve that too. Jose came to Anfield with his classic big match plan. A scheme which involves breaking up the play, wasting time, defending deep and trying to pinch a seedy goal. Mourinho’s gameplan suggests that he felt the hosts are the better side but wouldn’t dare say that as it would have most Manchester fans asking for his head.

Ever since Fergie left Manchester have been failing to find their feet. It’s never been easy to pick up right where someone left off. Especially if the person you are taking over has been as successful as Sir Alex. This creates massive expectations of the new manager and this is where the problems arise. The fans expect so much that when things don’t go as planned they start getting upset and blaming the manager. It is understandable, if you were a title winning side the season before, you would expect to be a title contending side the next season. We have seen it with all the managers since. They arrive, spend big in the transfer window, fail to recreate the former glory of the club and get sent back where they came from, usually in the space of two years.

José Mourinho, Manchester City v Chelsea, FA Cup

Mourinho has arrived, spent big in the transfer window and now is failing to turn United into the old powerhouse of english football it once was. Klopp on the other hand has spent little money and is making it look like glory may return to the Merseyside club soon.

Mourinho said he was happy with a point from the game but Klopp was angered by his sides performance, saying it should be better and considered it two points lost rather than a point gained. This shows the different expectations of the managers, Klopp expecting a win and Jose hoping for a draw.  The Men from Anfield are proving to be considered a better team than their visitors.

The Manchester manager’s press conference was a shambolic polishing of a underwhelming performance. Saying his side played well and not mentioning the 20 fouls his side gave away whilst trying their best to stop the play as much as possible. He tried to describe his tactics without saying “I parked the bus”.

One of the last things he said in the press conference was a swipe at Liverpool, saying that they’re to blame for a boring game with not getting a goal with all their possession. This is usual from the Portuguese manager, always blaming others and never taking ownership for anything. Don’t get me wrong he is a brilliant tactical mind but i would prefer if he just came out and said the truth. Saying he didn’t like his chances of a win so had to cement the draw.

Jurgen Klopp’s Press conference was also typical of him. Spoken like a truthful manager. Saying there is problems and we need to fix it. Deflecting the blame isn’t the Germans style, he was honest and pointed out areas to improve.
He is a very professional manager taking ownership of his few mistakes as well as giving credit to his team when things go right. He has been working on the squad he inherited and slowly making it his own with a few transfers to try and get his side the best it can be.


Klopp may be footballs most lovable man with his big smile and emotional celebrations but he has managed to get results and a really good vibe around the club by telling the truth, That we need to change from doubters to believers.
Manchester being happy with a point shows  that the storm may have come to an end for Liverpool, we are starting to believe and hopefully Klopp is walking us towards a golden sky.

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