I have been thinking long and hard about how crucial this summer transfer could be for Liverpool and how qualifying for the Champions League will be huge for the business that they plan to do.

I decided to go onto twitter for some responses from my fellow Liverpool fans to get their thoughts on what is going to happen in the summer. I put a poll up to see whether the fans wanted me to ask Liverpool fans in general, or if they wanted me to just ask fellow writers on this website. The result of the poll was pretty overwhelming, with 82% of the voters wanting me to ask Liverpool fans in general.

The first question that I posted onto twitter was ‘What position do Liverpool need to strengthen the most in the summer?’I included four choices in the poll which where a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or an attacker. The runaway winner of this poll with 56% of the votes was a defender. The second most popular choice was an attacker with 24% of the votes. The third most popular was a goalkeeper with 12% of the votes, with the final 8% of the votes belonging to a midfielder. My personal opinion on this is that the position that Liverpool need to strengthen the most is a defender, so I agree with the majority of the voters in the poll. I think this because attacking wise, we have three top class forwards in Firmino, Coutinho and Mane. In midfield I do think we need to strengthen there but I feel as though we have good options there as it is already. And as for goalkeeper, as much as I think we do need one, it seems unlikely that Jurgen Klopp would buy one. I think there are a good amount of options out there who would want to come and play for Liverpool who could do a good job in defence. I think we don’t need to sign a rightback with Nathaniel Clyne and Trent Alexander Arnold both being very good options in that position. At the centre of the defence however, I do think we need a partner for Joel Matip, and although I agree that it could be Joe Gomez, right now I hope that Liverpool are looking at the likes of Virgil Van Dijk. The leftback spot is the one where I feel Liverpool will 100% strengthen in the summer. Right now it looks likely that we are going to sign highly rated youngster Ryan Sessegnon from Fulham, but I feel that any deal depends on any players who leave the club such as Alberto Moreno.

The second question that I asked on twitter was ‘How many transfers do you think Liverpool need to make on the European front?’ Yet again there was another four options for this poll. The four options where 0-2, 3-5, 6-7 or 8+ players. The most popular response was 3-5 players and that received 64% of the votes, so that shows that the majority of the Liverpool fanbase agree on this one. The second most popular option received 25% of the votes and that was 6-7 players. The third most popular option was  8+ players with 11% of the vote, with 0-2 players have no votes at all. Personally, I think that we need 6-7 signings to compete on the European front. This is because we will want to do well in the league next year, so for us to juggle both competitions we need to have a good squad depth and they need to be good quality players as well rather than what we currently have on the bench.

The third question that I asked was ‘If you could sign one players in the summer who would it be (realistically)?’ I gave four more options for this question as well. The four options that I gave was Julian Brandt, Virgil Van Dijk, Mahmoud Dahoud or other. The most popular response was Virgil Van Dijk with 55% with the majority seemingly agreeing with me on this one. The second most popular option was Julian Brandt who got 30% of the votes. Mahmoud Dahoud got 10% of the votes, with the remaining 5% of the votes being for other. As I said earlier I think that Virgil Van Dijk is the player who we need to sign the most for next season.

The fourth question that I asked was ‘Do you think that the players that we sign this summer will depend on if we finish in the top 4?’ For this poll I had two options for people to vote for. The two options where yes or no. The most popular response, by a large margin was yes and that received 81% of the votes showing most Liverpool fans are in agreement on this one. Of course that means that the remaining 19% of the voters said no. Personally, I agree with the majority of the voters on this one as I think that players such as Julian Brandt would rather play in the Champions League rather than the Europa League, just like many other footballers.

The fifth question that I asked was ‘What’s the minimum that you expect from Liverpool next season?’ I once again included four options on this poll. The four options where top four, top four and a trophy/trophies, a trophy or top six. The most popular response here was a tie between top four and top four and a trophy/trophies, which both received 40% of the votes. The next most popular option was a trophy with 15% of the votes , and the remaining 5% said top six. Personally, I think that next season we need to be pushing on and get both top four and a trophy at least, as it is going to be Jurgen Klopp’s second full season and getting both of those would show progress.

The sixth question that I asked was ‘Do you think Liverpool will break their transfer record this summer?’ There was two options available for the voters of this poll to choose from, with one being yes and the other being no. I was very surprised by how close this poll was, with yes winning with 52% of the votes to no’s 48%. Personally, I think we will because it is being widely reported that Klopp is being backed well by FSG this summer and if there is a huge talent out there who he wants to sign, such as Julian Brandt I do not see Klopp not going in for him.

The penultimate question that I asked was ‘Which striker would you rather we attempt to sign?’ For this question there was four options in the poll. Those options were Alexandre Lacazette, Moussa Dembele, Timo Werner and other.The most popular response in this poll, with 66% of the votes was the French striker Lazacette. The second most popular response was Celtic’s Moussa Dembele, who got 24% of the votes. The remaining 10% of the votes went to Timo Werner, with other getting no votes. Personally, I wouldn’t mind signing any of these strikers, however I would rather us sign a proven talent who has consistently scored goals in Lacazette.

The final question that I asked was ‘Where will Liverpool finish next season?’ The four options that I included was Champions, tour four, 6-7th or 8th or lower. The most popular of the responses by far was top four, which got 79% of the votes clearly ahead of the second most popular option. The second most popular was champions with 79% of the votes. The third most popular with 5% was 8th or lower, with 5-7th getting no votes. I agree with the majority of the voters in this poll, because I think we will strengthen well in the summer so we need to keep pushing next season to get towards the top of the league.

Let me know what you think down below or on twitter!

Link to the polls-:https://twitter.com/RobboLFCx/status/842145809303015424