Okay, many of you are going to think I’m mad or deluded. But, hold fire and hear me out before pre-judging the title. If, if we manage to get top four this season, which I honestly believe we will. And when we do. We could potentially win the Champions League. Overly optimistic. Don’t care. You did read that right. Win the Champions League. No chance of convincing anyone I’m not a loony now, have I? Loony or not, we are taylor-made for this competition. We’re fast, furious and capable of giving the biggest powers in Europe a torrid time. Very Dortmund like. Not the Dortmund team of today. That’s where the confusion is. We’re not that team yet. We are a project. Not the finished product. Similar. Not identical.

Why not though. What do we struggle at? So-called lesser opponents, low blocking, we come not to play type teams. Perhaps the lack of motivation for these lower tier sides is the problem. Perhaps the fact we’re favourites in these games is the problem. Perhaps it’s just a winning mentality that’s not fully installed yet? Perhaps it’s just tactically, it works against playing sides but not deep-sitting? Perhaps it’s a learning curve? Here’s the consistent part. We’re completely bi-polar, when it comes to playing the so-called better teams. We don’t struggle. We don’t look under-motivated. We don’t become inpatient. We’re commanding, menacing, fearless, ruthless and precise. And most of all, we hardly ever lose to the top teams. Crazy, right? I’m sure we’ve all seen/heard the mini-league stats and that Liverpool are the top of that league, hands down. Frustrating. The only thing we’re consistent at, is beating teams that are supposedly better than us. If only we could use the same form, consistently throughout a whole season. We’d be untouchable. We’d end the twenty-seven years hoodoo. Am I a dreamer? Yeah, no doubt. Seriously though Jürgen cracks the curious case of inconsistency and the flashes of brilliance we’ve witnessed this season, could be on a weekly basis.

This, unfortunately is down to many, many different factors, such as transfers, injuries, form, mentality, other teams, (other teams meaning, who they buy, how good they’ve become and the league becoming harder and harder to dominate).

Champions League however is a very different concept.

Its all about how you handle big games, better teams, momentum. Such a passionate competition. Something we were dreadful at last time we entered the luxurious tournament. The only silver-lining of that 2013/14 season was Champions League. Heartbreak in the Premier League. Suarez sold. Sturridge a full-time sick-note. Very doom and gloom. Except for the one fact, the one thing us fans could grasp onto. We’re back where we belong.

Well, that didn’t last long, did it.


This doesn’t make for good viewing. A group stage with Ludogorets, Basel and Real Madrid. Okay Madrid will cause problems for anyone, but second in the group should’ve been achievable. Or so you’d of thought. Nevertheless. Been and gone now. We didn’t have the personnel nor did we have the performances against the top teams in our own league to suggest we might have a shot. Looking back at the games against Spurs, Chelsea, Man U, City and Arsenal in 2014/15, it’s no surprise we struggled in the big game scenario’s that Champions League presents. Three wins, two draws and five losses. We was the opposite of the team we’re looking at today. We couldn’t touch the top six teams, not consistently anyway. Except for the double over Spurs. We actually gathered most of our points tally against the lower teams.

This season we excel at demolishing big clubs that rival our ability. Or even exceed our ability. We’re arrogant. Unforgiving. I love it. Now, imagine that mini-league is a group or a knockout competition. Who’s coming out on top? Easy question. Easy answer. Liverpool, every time. Now add some extra players, extra quality, extra depth. Klopp’s philosophy even more ingrained in their minds. Then drop us in a tournament, where every-team could match us and goes toe to toe. Skies the limit. I have no crystal ball. But I know, for a fact this would be exciting to watch and I’m fairly confident could well be successful for the club.

We’ve got nineteen points against this top six and to be fair on our day, we can beat whoever’s in front of us. Fact. Cast your minds back to the 2003/04 season, Liverpool took fifteen points from the current top six at the time. A very decent return, considering the calibre of teams surrounding them.

I wonder how they got on in that next season’s Champions League?


Liverpool in the Champions League. Anfield under the lights. Jürgen Klopp bouncing all over the sideline. Red pyro, visable from space. A bus welcoming…..Bus parade?? Imagine. Sit back for two minutes and imagine. Feels incredible doesn’t it. We nearly won the Europa League. Yes, Michael Owen. Nearly. Heartbreak aside, what a run, what fun and what a time to be a Liverpool fan. I crave that same buzz. We are Liverpool. It’s our identity. It’s our past-time.

Believe. Believe we can get top four. Believe we can bring in the players needed. Before you bite my head off with anti-FSG propaganda. Since Klopp’s been here, look at the transfers. Mané. Starter. Wijnaldum. Starter. Matip. Starter. I can see why fans are sceptical but please, don’t compare this to Brendan’s time. We’ve got the money, Klopp’s already told us this. If, if we’ve got Champions League and Jürgen Norbert Klopp next season. Then we’ve got the pulling power once more. Believe. This could be Liverpool’s second coming.

You may say I’m a dreamer,

But I’m not the only one,

I hope some day you’ll join us,

And the world will be as one.

Number six. Old big ears comes home. Kings of Europe. Imagine.

Written by Ben Webb