On Tuesday, Liverpool hosted another great Champions League game at Anfield. Klopp’s side won against Ajax with 2:1 and they need that win after a disappointing loss against Napoli on match day on in the Champions League. But that was their last match in September as their Premier League Match against Chelsea was postponed because of Queen’s Death. So here are all games The Reds will play in October.

October 1st vs Brighton/ Anfield:

October first, Liverpool will host Brighton at Anfield. As one of the easiest games of October, Reds should be the favorites and take all three points, especially at Anfield. But Brighton has been in good form, winning 3 out of their 5 last games which brought them to 4th place. Liverpool is currently in 7th place.

October 4th vs Rangers/ Anfield:

On the 4th of October will follow another great Champions League game at Anfield as Liverpool will face Rangers. Scottish are on paper the weakest team in group A and are currently in last place with 0 points in 2 games. Liverpool shares 2nd place with Ajax as the Reds lost against Napoli who is in 1st place and won against Ajax, who beat Rangers. This will be their first non-friendly match ever.

October 9th vs Arsenal/ Emirates Stadium:

Probably one of the hardest games of the season as Arsenal has been in great form winning 5 out of 6 opening games. But the Reds are holding an amazing record against Arsenal as the last time Arsenal won was back in October 2020 in the League Cup. But they have made some major changes in both clubs and that makes us the best game of Gameweek 9 if we count the Chelsea game which has been postponed.

October 12th vs Rangers/ Ibrox Stadium:

Rematch against Rangers, but this time in Glasgow at Ibrox Stadium. And this time will probably be a lot harder for Klopp’s side. They are still huge favorites but Glasgow Rangers has one thing that helps them a lot, fans. Rangers fans are one of the key factors to Scottish success because if we just look at this season 4 out of their 5 wins, this season was at home. Even Klopp said himself:

October 16th vs Manchester City/ Anfield

And here it is. October 16th. Anfield. The rivalry of our day, as they say. The biggest game of the season for the last 5 years and the most successful English teams for the past 5 years. Liverpool and Manchester City will meet for the second time this season. Last time Liverpool was better as they won with 3:1 in Community Shield. Trent, Salah, and the new signing, Darwin Nunez, scored.

October 19th vs West Ham/ Anfield

3 days after Man City, another game at Anfield will follow. Liverpool will host West Ham. Another hard game for the Reds, but they should take all three points, especially because of the really poor start of West Ham, who is currently living, under their expectation in 18th place. So if everything goes right, Liverpool should win this comfortably.

October 22nd vs Forest/ City Ground:

One of the easiest fixtures in October and Liverpool should win this comfortably. One of the teams that came from the Championship this season is currently fighting for relegation even if we are this early in the season. And as it looks for now, it doesn’t seem like they will make it alive. Forest won just 1 of 6 games this season, so Klopp’s side should win with no problems.

October 26th vs Ajax/ Johan Cruijff Arena:

Rematch against Ajax who will be looking for revenge, but this time in the Netherlands at Cruijff Arena. This promises to be a great Champions League match especially after we saw their first game on Tuesday as Liverpool won 2:1. Both teams are currently 2nd with 3 points, with Napoli leading group A with 6 points.

October 29th vs Leeds/ Anfield

And the last game of October, again on Anfield against Leeds. Leeds is currently in 9th place with one point less than Liverpool. they are doing pretty well this season if you consider that they lost their best players from last season, Raphinina and Phillips. The last time these 2 meet Liverpool won with 6:0 and they will probably win this comfortably again.