After a winless run, Liverpool came on top at Anfield after Sadio Mané’s brace. Liverpool’s winless run in the last games were a worry for today’s game but the win brings back confidence into the team. An energetic first half saw Mané score a brace after Spurs’ defence struggled during Liverpool’s deadly counter-attack

Simon Mignolet 8

Great Performance. After having a bad game against Hull I thought Simon was going to be dropped but Klopp’s plan went well and it was great to see him play. 

Nathaniel Clyne 8

Had a brilliant first half. Gave Spurs’ defence a nightmare and supported Mané a lot in the first half. If he continued this in the second half I would’ve certainly given him a higher rating. 

Joel Matip 8

Good game, lacked any defensive quality in the game against Hull but certainly showed what he’s made off. 

Lucas Leiva 8

Good game as well. The whole defense did well and Lucas certainly did great. 

James Milner 8

The whole defense deserved a high rating. Milner did great, and after not playing well in the last few games he did brilliant. 

Jordan Henderson 8

Great game, supported the defense and also sent good passes up to the attack. Not much to talk about but did brilliant. 

Adam Lallana 8

Pressed the hell out of Spurs. That’s all he had to do and did great. He does the deserve the new contract and Klopp should sign it quickly. 

Georgino Wijnaldum 8

Good performance, after being subbed for the past games, Gigi did brilliant and also got an assist for Mané’s goal. 

Sadio Mané 9 (MOTM)

BOOM!!! Just shows what we needed when he was away. Gave Spurs’ defense a fright during Liverpool’s counter-artack and was full of energy. Unlucky, that he didn’t get a hat trick infront of the Kop. 

Roberto Firmino 7

Wasn’t Bobby’s best game. He did well but has to improve. I was expecting a change during the early stages of the second half but nobody came on…

Phillipe Coutinho 7

The two Brazilians weren’t shining at the Kop. I was expecting a magical performance from Phil. However, he just came back from injury and certainly needs time. We knew what he was like before his injury, and we are 100% certain that he will shine as the season comes to an end. 


Emre Can

Trent Alexander Arnold