A boring game all in all saw Liverpool lose to Southampton 2-0 on aggregate. A 90th minute strike by Shane Long saw the saints through to the final. However that goal should’ve stood and Liverpool should’ve received a penalty
Loris Karius 8

Would’ve lost the game earlier on but did a smart save. However I’m thinking that Karius could’ve saved the shot from Shane Long. 

Trent Alexander Arnold 7

Sent some brilliant crosses but nobody was there to strike it. However Redmond did take advantages on him during the 1st half when the saints counter attacked.

Joel Matip 6

Poor Performance. There’s one word that can describe his match today and that is… Poor. During the 1st half it looked as though Matip was scared of Redmond. 

Dejan Lovren 7

Had a fairly strong performance. Did what he had to do. But he should never pass the ball up strike again. 

James Milner 6

Another player that was poor. He was really poor. He didn’t send in brilliant crosses and also didn’t do his job right. 

Jordan Henderson 7

Stood well in between the defence and midfield. Played well supported the defence. Didn’t have to do much expect for getting the ball from the rebound during corners. 

Emre Can 7

Positive stronf performance from Can. Many questioned as to why Klopp played Can over Wijnaldum but that was a good decision. 

Adam Lallana 6

Unbelievably bad. What on earth was he doing? This is the worst match Adam Lallana has had this season. 

Roberto Firmino 6.5

To be honest I expected a lot from Firmino. After scoring a brace against Swansea I believed Firmino was the player to score a goal or 2. But sadly… He didn’t.

Daniel Sturridge 7

I feel really sorry for Daniel Sturridge. He shows his happiness but underneath that smile there is anger. The team doesn’t cooperate with him at times and that’s what you need when you are a striker. 

Phillipe Coutinho 6.5

Not much as well. His corners were not dangerous at all his crosses in the box was appalling. 

I would not want to be biased but Southampton did play well. The 1st goal shouldn’t have gone through but that is life and we are LIVERPOOL. 

Losing 2 games in a row at home is a big worry for Jürgen Klopp. He still plays a 4-3-3 and many teams know how they operate. Mane needs to cknrb back soon and we need to get back on track soon. Our next 2 games are at home and the match with Chelsea on the 31st of January will clearly tell us if we are in the running for the Premier Leauge or not…