Emre Can is believed to be stalling on his decision to sign a new deal with Liverpool, the 23 year old midfielder could be sold if no breakthrough is made.

With contract extension talk beginning way back in June there’s, surprisingly still no deal in place. Considering his age and the fact he’s played over 100 games already for Liverpool, perhaps he has a case for thinking he deserves more money. Perhaps.
The way I look at it is, these kind of contract talks are all about timing. When a players holding out for a more fruitful deal they, 100% need to be in form and blatantly deserving of it. Which arguably six months ago might have been the right timing to do so. Form wise and importance to the team.
However that’s not exactly the case this season so far.
Who’d of thought it. Pre season many were even suggesting Emre could fufill the captain role instead of Jordan Henderson. Six months later he’s useless, slow and has more touches than “Del Boy”. From Emre “the Tank” to “Mini Metro” in six months? Surely not.

Emre had a decent performance earlier this month against Manchester United.

Perhaps this is us fans jumping the gun, when maybe we should’ve learnt from our past pre judgements, (Lallana, Origi, even Firmino at times) and like it or not our clubs invested in youth and potential. Downside of that is they need to develop under Anfield’s scrutiny unfortunately.
One man who who obviously disagrees is Jürgen Klopp. Wait hear me out. If our manager didn’t disagree that Emre is an essential cog to the red machine then why would he move one of our best players out of their newly found position to accommodate the young German. Adam Lallana has been nothing short of a revelation in midfield this season. He’s registered more goals/assists than any other midfielder in the Premier League (14). Since Lallana’s moved to a more attacking role he’s not quite had the same effect on the team. Get where im going with this. Jürgen has some faith in the lad. Though Emre has been so inconsistent, even in the same game sometimes. One minute he’s doing what we love, thrusting the team forward, tackling, winning second balls and that desire to steam through the middle of the park. Next minute taking too many unneeded touches, going nowhere and losing possession for fun. Frustrating I know. Imagine an Emre like last seasons Europa League game versus Villarreal. Week in, week out. Imagine that Emre.

Going back to the point of timing. Could he of timed it worse? Dip in form just as it’s revealed you consider yourself far more valuable than Liverpool’s higher anarchy do.

As reported by James Pearce of the Liverpool Echo during a Q&A:
“I wouldn’t say Emre Can is definitely off but his future is certainly up in the air.”
“He has been stalling over a new contract and clearly believes he’s worth more than Liverpool are offering.”
“Hopefully it will be sorted before the end of the season. If he doesn’t sign then it’s likely he will be sold because I can’t see Liverpool letting him enter the final year of his current contract.”

Strangely I don’t think form will have a much leeway in this contract situation, it’s more down to Emre’s demands and willingness to compromise. Mind you having become the most recent scapegoat for bad performances, not many would be overly disappointed to see the back of him, come summer.

Here’s where I’m torn. This is an overused phase but on his day, bugger can he play. I know that’s no condolence for his poor form of late but come on, we’ve had the patience of saints (no punt intended) for certain players. Not mentioning any names. So should we spare this young prospect the benefit of the doubt and allow him to hopefully flourish? Have to add that although he’s been here for two and a half years, I feel we need to allow the time needed under Klopp to adjust his game. Especially after a slow start due to an injury sustained, of course internationally. Rumours are that Juventus have a keen eye on him. True or not he probably would suit a slower tempo in Italy. Not to say that he hasn’t got it in his locker to be a Premier League success. Heres the question, has Emre gotten too big for his boots?

Who knows what the future may hold?

Personally I’d love him to become an integral part of the side and be the commanding Emre “the Tank” we all want him to be. I’m going yes, Emre, can.

Up the Reds!

Written by Ben Webb