It’s been a few hours since news came out that Emre Can has said that he deserves more money with the way he is playing at the moment. 
This season Emre Can has played as an attacking midfielder. He has scored 3 goals and has also given an assist. These stats itself are poor for a player like Emre Can but we still have to think of the position change. Last year he was a defensive midfielder and this season he’s an attacking midfielder. At just 23 years of age he still has a lot of talent and Jürgen Klopp can certainly help him reach that level. The thing with Emre Can is that he does go forward but sometimes he does send a wrong pass or sometimes shoots outside the box when there’s no need to. Comparing him to last season Emre Can only scored 2 goals. Many people would want so see him leave but we have to think that he’s 23 years of age and he can develop into one of the best midfielders in the world. If Emre Can does not get a contract by the end of February I will not be happy. He’s done enough at the club and he deserves way more respect. He still needs time to adapt to the position and believe me he will grow and exceed his potential if played at the right position and time.