Daniel Sturridge’s time at Liverpool football club has been a rollercoaster ride of emotion, goals, injuries, outside of the foot sorcery, dancing and of course more injuries. Now back to full health he faces a different proposition based purely on suitability to the team. Sturridge possesses the kind of ridiculous finishing in front of goal that, arguably most top clubs in the world would welcome with open arms. I’m in no doubt he can have a huge impact in this seasons attempt at glory. Unfortunately though this will be (injuries pending) more so, off the bench. So here’s my question, come summer will Sturridge accept the bit part player role or will a man of his capabilities have his head turned when the proposal of being no.1 elsewhere arises?
During Liverpool’s recent lacklustre 1-0 victory over Plymouth in the FA Cup third round replay, Sturridge failed to shine as he did recently against Southampton. Add the slightly annoyed facial expressions when substituted and that’s the perfect recipe for a Twitter overreaction. Firstly every player should accept and respect the managers decisions. Although maybe the fact he looked a bit perplexed is his inner desire to prove his worth. I mean how many times did Suarez looked gutted to come off with 5 minutes left having already scored, let alone when it’s not going well. He’s gone from main man to third choice, it’s obvious he’s desperate to showcase himself and be the game changer once more. I honestly felt quite sorry for him against Plymouth because expectations are sky high against lower league opponents and the clever little movements were there but service wasn’t. Weird how our most prolific striker at the the club has a handful of games where he’s off the boil and he’s “lazy” or ” hearts not in it.” When winning 4/5 nil everyone’s happy because believe it or not he does make unselfish runs to create space as well as being an intelligent, composed and yes often selfish finisher. (Have to add some of his greatest goals for Liverpool were because of his selfishness, not condemning it.)

The big difference now is in this Klopp side suitability comes before quality and for Sturridge that’s bad, bad news. He doesn’t fit our system? Probably true but Klopp’s a very adaptable manager, personally I think it’s more that Firmino fits it like a glove and is ticking all of the Germans tactical boxes and some. If it was just goals that were needed then, yes Sturridge’s goal ratio is second to none. However when the whole teams intent on adding goal threat, you need to bring much, much more to the table. Hence Firmino’s defensive work, regaining of possession and  the disrupting of any passing fluency between the opposition back four/midfield. Something that (pains me to say this) Sturridge hasn’t got in his locker.

New academy coach Steven Gerrard. Give me a minute while I grin from ear to ear. Sorry, start again. Liverpool’s new academy coach Steven Gerrard has told Daniel Sturridge to roll up his sleeves and fight for his Anfield future.

“He’s capable of world-class moments and performances and I think Liverpool are on the verge of something really big under this manager,” the 36-year-old said.

“Maybe he is frustrated from week to week but there’s a great chance he could get silverware with Liverpool in the near future. If I were him I’d be patient. I think there’s good things on the horizon.”

“I’m sure if someone came along with a huge, huge offer and Daniel wanted it there could be a solution there, but as it stands right now Liverpool need Daniel Sturridge and I can’t see him going anywhere short term.”

Gerrard believes that if the England forward stays put, he and Liverpool could kick on and push for the Premier League title.

Love where Stevie’s going with these comments, basically be patient and work your socks off at every given opportunity and you could potentially be a vital cog in Liverpool’s title charge. It’s a win, win situation.

1. Get stuck in, adapt and be the difference in taking Liverpool to new heights this season.

2. Get stuck in, give it your best shot. If you don’t come up trumps then you’ve made yourself more attractive to other clubs and raised your value.


Heres where I’m going with all this.

Could you imagine Sturridge leaving in the summer? In short, yeah. If the price is right. How much is he worth in today’s market? I’d say £40-50million upwards at this stage of his career, £60-70million if any Chinese investors are interested. Wink, wink. Realistic destinations have no boundaries really he’d suit PSG, Juventus, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich. He’s that good on his day to be fair. Would hate to see him at a rival club in the Premier league but truthfully wouldn’t be that surprised as those closest to us are more than aware how ruthless Sturridge can be.

I love Sturridge and genuinely hope he features in Klopp’s plans but if it’s not to be then what a swan song it could be to have helped us achieve the unthinkable!!

Roll your sleeves up Dan! We’re all behind you!

Up the Reds!!!

written by Ben Webb


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