Simon Mignolet 9

OUTSTANDING. What a performance from Mignolet. His top class saves were brilliant and almost kept out United. Unlucky that he conceded an offside goal 

Trent Alexander Arnold 6

Good Premier League debut. Played well at times but didn’t keep out martial. He’s young and there will be better performances soon.

Dejan Lovren 8

One of the biggest improvements since the Southampton game. He was smart whilst taking set pieces, he played well defensively and most certainly did give us a penalty. 

Ragnar Klavan 7

Can’t say much about him to be honest. Didn’t get the ball too much but whenever united attacked he did his job.

James Milner 8

A key player nonetheless. Played well today and played well defensively, and as usual he’s cool when taking penalties.

Jordan Henderson 8

What a positive match from Hendo. It’s great news that he’s back and he’ll be key until the end of the season.

Emre Can 8

Another big improvement from the Southampton game. He was sloppy then but today he was full of enegry. His position changed and showed his potential.

Georgino Wijnaldum 8

Still no away goals for Wijnaldum. What a change he missed. He played well today but that poor shot from him will stay in his mind.

Adam Lallana 8

Played well, showed what he can do and was almost deadly during those counter attacks in the first/second half.

Divock Origi 7

Started slow but showed what he can do. Again, during counter attacks he was the man to look for but sadly his day ended fairly early. Is Divock Origi Injured?

Roberto Firmino 7

Played fairly well to be honest. Coutinho made him and firmino showed what he’s made off.


Phillipe Coutinho
Manchester United’s Offside Goal…

United’s goal started off with a throw in. The ball came to Valencia (Black Circle) and he crossed it into the box, and then a few seconds later… Ibrahimovic added the equaliser. Was that goal offside?