Liverpool are sitting top of the Premier league going into this international break and this is by no means a surprise. We’re without doubt the most exhilarating team, not only in the Premier league but I believe in world football right now. No side in the Premier League has scored more than them, they’ve scored four or more goals in five matches of the eleven so far and players and fans alike are oozing confidence. Here we’ll take a look through the stats that cement our status and prove this is the most ruthless Liverpool side for years including the 2013/14 side!

Lets start with my favourite: No football team in Europe has created more chances than Liverpool, who’ve created 170 chances in 11 games! That’s 147 key passes and 23 assists, what a stat that is. Mainly down to the fluidity and interchanging of our forwards, plus the fact we press so high up the pitch and with such intensity that chances just seem to flow as soon as we regain possession.

Liverpool set a new Premier League record on Sunday as their 17 shots on target was the most any team has managed in a single game since records began in 2003.

Not only are we the most creative but we’re not too shabby at putting the ball in the back of the net either. We’ve scored 30 goals in 11 games (uncontrollably grinning). Firmino, Coutinho, Mané and Lallana have been hailed “the Fantastic Four” and if it’s goals you’re after then no-one is taking teams apart like Jürgen and the gang. Another interesting stat that shows just how clinical we now are: Liverpool have had the most shots at goal (210) and have the best shot accuracy (59%) in the Premier League. It’s not just winning but it’s a whole new philosophy under Klopp, everything is a team effort. We defend as a team, press as a team and attack like a pack of wolves on the hunt, going for the kill with no mercy. Yes we may concede goals and only have 1 clean sheet but surely this is bound to happen when we’re constantly going forward even at 4/5 goals never being satisfied. I personally don’t believe we’re that weak at the back because when you look at the Chelsea/ Swansea wins, we knew to shut up shop to secure the win and that’s exactly what we managed. It’s more a case of evaluating each game as it’s happening if we’re winning 5-0, defensively who cares, if it’s 2-1 at 80 minutes let’s keep snatching back possession and play keep ball. You win games with goals not clean sheets though I’m sure with time it’ll come. Forgetting the 2013/14 season of course.

Lallana, Coutinho, Firmino and Mané stats this season so far. Prolific goal scoring and a pure selflessness to play for each other, which embodies Klopp’s ethnic’s.

Can we surpass the 101 goal mark set by the team of 2013/14?

Well in a word yes, I believe so. There’s similarities between the sides but also a huge difference. That being we relied on 2/3 players in Sturridge, Suarez and Gerrard to find the magic touch to create and score the goals, whereas now everyone’s creating and everyone’s a goal threat. There’s been 13 different goal scorers this year in all competitions and 10 different scorers in the Premier League. We all said before the season the midfielders need to chip in with goals so the fact Henderson, Lallana, Wijnaldum, Can, Milner, Lovren, Matip have all scored is proof we’re full of goals regardless of position. This is how the 2 sides compare after 11 games:


Top: Klopp’s team 2016/17 Bottom: Rogers 2013/14

You can see a clear difference in goals, chances, accuracy and possession in Klopp’s favour, okay a certain Luis Suarez did miss the first 6 games due to a ban but even so this is impressive. Considering the only back up we had to Sturridge and Suarez back then was Iago Aspas, fast forward to now and our bench is filled with game changers such as Sturridge, Origi, Can or Wijnaldum, Mignolet. Every area has cover and more importantly every player risks losing their place if they drop form, this I think is the biggest difference to todays team. Absolutely loving the Karius/ Mignolet-Wijnaldum/Can battles for first team action, it seems there’s a real unity between players to push each other to new performance levels even when losing their spot. Not forgetting Firmino who’s been untouchable up front, not a recognised striker but keeping Sturridge and Origi from starting. It’s his work ethic and unselfish play, he’s seems just as happy to set up a goal as he does scoring himself, which maybe is the benefit of having a false nine rather than a striker. Though Sturridge and Origi have looked a very potent duo in their League Cup appearances, they’ll need to push hard to shift the “Fantastic Four.”

Klopp has installed a winning mentality throughout the whole squad and at this rate don’t be surprised to see us breeze past our record of 101 goals. Let’s just keep scoring for fun each game at a time and see where we end up. In terms of squads this is no doubt the best since 2008/9 who also had 8 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss at this stage. Ended up 2nd but boasted 16 different scorers (sound familiar?) and arguably the best squad not win the league. Maybe this could be our year, either way enjoy being top of the league at the moment and get behind the team. Gone are the days of we must change from doubters to believers, these days we’re forced to believe.

Roll on Southampton…..Up the Reds!!

Written by Ben Webb