After joining Liverpool football club Danny Ings career seemed to be on the up, followed by some hardworking, gritty performances he netted 3 goals in ten appearances, by all means a fairly decent start. That was until his cruciate ligament rupture, which put a massive halt to his career missing the next 50 games. Having to watch from the sidelines, slowly becoming a bit of a forgotten man.

Until now that is, with Jürgen Klopp at the helm who as we all know specialises in high tempo, high pressing football. Could Ings timing be perfect and end up being the hitman for the upcoming season. I can’t see why not, looking at the fact he’s got a full pre season and is seemingly the ideal fit for Klopps gegenpressing football. He’s got the pace, loves chasing down defenders for fun and is without doubt a natural goal poacher. He’s very similar to a Dirk Kuyt as a real team player with plenty of energy to burn or maybe without too much pressure on his shoulders a Robbie Fowler in terms of being a natural at poaching goals. The main question is with a fully fit squad and no European football will Ings get enough game time to shine? We’ve a proven goal scorer in Sturridge and the ever improving Origi, who Klopp seems fairly keen on, so where does that leave Ings in the starting line up?


In my opinion, now injury free he’ll go from strength to strength, giving Klopp some hard decisions. I think he’ll continue to tick all of Klopps boxes to be a starter, for one he’ll guarantee pressure from the front, helping course defensive errors from the opposing teams. Even if he’s not a starter he still has a huge role to play this season, to be honest maybe even better off the bench. Would you really want a hungry Ings coming on for the last 20 minutes of a game, if your the opposition defense. As your running out of gas he’s chomping at the bit, itching to make the kop bounce in hysterics. He along with Sturridge, Origi, Coutinho, Firmino, Mané and Lallana could really get amongst the goals, it’s hard to imagine this lot struggling to create a chance or two in 90 minutes.

Looking at his past all the signs are there, he scored a impressive 26 goals in 45 appearances for Burnley in 13/14 then a lesser 11 in 39 when stepping up to the Premier League. Although not proven in the Premier League to be a prolific striker, when fit he’s a hand full and with the quality of players surrounding him, you maybe wonder is this the underdog, the surprise package of 2016/17? Well with Ings work rate and Klopps system could be a match made in heaven. I’ve seen stranger things happen.


After netting 2 goals in 3 already in preseason it seems he’s determined to fight his way into that starting eleven. Whether right or wrong on how Ings will perform this season, one things for sure we’ll get ups, downs and “heavy metal football” and hopefully a final of some sort to put some demons to rest. I really can’t help but think that waiting in the wings to take this team by storm could be Ings.

Ben Webb