Only new to twitter or been using it awhile and wondering why your still on 50 followers and see other accounts that talk shite have thousands?

Here are some tips (and tricks) to get those followers up.

1) Shout-outs
Everyday i get requests from accounts which i have NEVER talked to asking for a shoutout… if you get one great but there is another way you can get them big accounts to help you get followers.

All you need to do is ask them to retweet your pinned tweet which could be like “new Liverpool account looking for followers or help me get to 300 followers ect”. Just make sure its Liverpool related and wants to make ppl follow you.

I can ensure you that i am far less reluctant to just give someone a retweet than make a personalised tweet for someone i dont even know!!

2) Follow Liverpool fans/accounts

Its a simple one that if you follow these pages and they see in your bio (make sure your Bio is good) that you love Liverpool they may follow you.

3) Get involved in conversations on all the big accounts.

This gets you noticed and a simple rt from these can get you ×10 the retweets you have ever had 😉

4) Make sure your posts are unique

We can all fall into the habbit of copy and paste but try and put your own spin on tweets or pictures. Could take someones picture and put your own spin on it and it may bang!!!