Well that was a load of rubbish wasn’t it? Fairly predictable though….a lot of people were predicting it on twitter; how we always mess up just when our rivals present us with a chance to gain some ground. Ever since I can remember we’ve done it. Apart from the Suarez fueled 13/14 (we cashed in loads on our rivals losing that season) the charge sheet has read like one long depressing tale of being in the bath when opportunity has knocked….I could list them but you know them already and I don’t think any of us need any more depressing!

I can’t help feel though that half the time we shoot ourselves in the foot. There’s the story about one of Bob Paisleys famed tactics used to unsettle a rival. There’s a few variations but it goes something like this; if United had started the season well Bob would speak to a few trusted journalists and have it put out in the press how well they were going and how he thought they’d be title contenders. The United lads would read it and the praise would go to their heads. End result was United would flap it and we’d go about our business as usual, gobbling up another title. He’d call it “Giving them a bit of toffee”. These days we seem to pass out the Worthers amongst ourselves as soon as we win a few games. Confidence is great of course but I cringe when I see our players using the ‘T’ word. Ibe was at it this week. Gerrard too. And Sir Alex will be enjoying a nice glass of claret tonight. Reading a few of his biographys down the years it’s clear that as well as Jock Stein, he took a lot of inspiration from Bob Paisley and I couldn’t help but smile when I read him lavishing us with praise this weekend. Well played – you learnt that from the best!

On the pitch we were awful. The Geordies unsettled us from the start with their work rate and as an attacking unit we just didn’t function. No point in debating the offside Moreno goal or bemoaning the O.G because we didn’t deserve anything. Zip. Couple of steps forward and an absolute sickening one back. But we’ll come again. Just hope next time we get on a decent run we don’t end up choking on our own toffees!